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Demonic retaliation

The principle of demonic retaliation

demonic retaliationSpiritual pitfalls and chains of demonic retaliation lurk in the shadows of internal spiritual fortresses. The Bible calls these spiritual fortresses strongholds or footholds. When people nurse open wounds in their souls they needlessly facilitate the destructive operations of the enemy in their lives and histories. Soul wounds weaken people making them easy prey to the enemy’s devices and schemes. The right attack at the right point, at the most strategic moment, can easily lead a person into a fatal trap.

Any opportunity that causes us to ignore unresolved conflicts is potentially dangerous. On one hand, the person has an unending source of inspiration and motivation based on the emotional pain they feel. On the other hand, the enemy’s hook is already in their mouth.

The position of leadership without genuine authority and the corresponding position coming from higher up entail the dynamic of a dream that has become a nightmare. The unresolved conflict today becomes the crisis of tomorrow.

Jephthah was suddenly promoted to the position of leader over his city. Who was behind this promotion: God or the devil? Perhaps it could even be both. In any case, Jephthah’s promotion posed a very dangerous risk. A wounded outcast became the leader of the city from one moment to the next. Jephthah’s example is a reminder of many cases in which pastors suffer emotional beatings in the ministry and then soon after leaving receive an invitation to take over the leadership of another church. Too often, the sins committed against them are not resolved responsibly and the wounds that they have sustained are not properly diagnosed much less treated. Diverse injustices are committed in the name of “love” in favor of the potential and the charisma of the person.

To assume a position of leadership without receiving sufficient healing is one of the most terrible pitfalls in which a leader can fall. In light of this, the Bible affirms that the fear of man brings a snare (Proverbs 29:25). This flattery passed off as love, which ignores moral integrity, and true brokenness of the person is an authentic snare. These situations tend to repeat themselves, each time with increasingly profound consequences.

The elders of Gilead needed a hardheaded leader, and Jephthah wanted to be head over all those who had previously rejected him. He was ready to negotiate anything for an opportunity like this one. This was his opportunity to compensate his inferiority complex within his family and city where he had previously left with his tail between his legs.

Inspired by the pain of his reputation as a renegade, he led the army of Israel to war. However the fact is, that he was much more vulnerable than anyone imagined.

So Jephthah said to the elders of Gilead, “If you take me back home to fight against the people of Ammon, and the Lord delivers them to me, shall I be your head?” And the elders of Gilead said to Jephthah, “The Lord will be a witness between us, if we do not do according to your words.” (Judges 11:9-10)

Jephthah couldn’t believe how the tables had turned. He fostered such a need for self-affirmation before those who had rejected him that he made a deal with God to the point of exposing his own family. This opportunity looked like a dream come true. He could not bear to pass it up.

The greatest danger of a leader inspired by emotional wounds is that regardless of how low his spiritual state is, many times things seem to work out for the good. The only problem is that these seemingly favorable circumstances will only last for a while.

Frequently leaders who are living in critical situations involving serious sins receive spiritual counsel, but they refused to repent. They try to justify their errors by the results they are experiencing in ministry. In the process, such leaders convince themselves that God is using them. Strange as it seems, many times God does truly using them but simultaneously Satan is preparing them for a mortal blow. Many scandals regarding great leaders have occurred in this manner.

The most traumatic part of the whole story of Jephthah is that in spite of having exposed his daughter to death in exchange for emotional revenge against his family for rejecting him, the Lord gave him victory. Seemingly, the story would have been so much better if everything had gone wrong and his only child would have been spared.

In the same manner, we may often strike a damaging blow to the enemy, but in the process, he exacts much more damage in a manner much more on target against us that we manage to exact against him. This disproportionate damage defines the principle of demonic retaliation. Jephthah destroyed his household and cut off his family lineage forever. What a depressing price to pay. No victory can ever compensate for the destruction of our family yet similar exchanges between ministers of the Gospel and satanic forces occur among us daily. Let us heed the Apostle Peter’s warning:

You therefore, beloved, since you know this beforehand, beware lest you also fall from your own steadfastness, being led away with the error of the wicked; but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and forever. Amen. (2 Peter 3:17, 18)



Church attendance and illegitimate birth


church attendanceAll sexual relationships outside of marriage establish blood covenants with spirits of immorality. The people involved in such relationships become spiritually bound to each other through demonic bonds.

Many women who were sexually active before marriage even though they have since married and have children, confess that they still feel a strong emotional dependence to their former “boyfriend” to whom they lost their virginity long before. Some even confess that they have had affairs with their “old flame” or “first love”. This demonstrates the power of sinful bonds between souls through sex. Sex spiritually establishes spiritual and emotional wounds and “demonic bridges” that the enemy uses to torment his victims.

Through adultery, demonic entities that block the matrimonial relationship invade the marriage bed thus bringing satanic oppression into the family. The children become morally unprotected and susceptible to sexually abusive relationships. The worst consequence of illicit sex however occurs when a child is conceived through the act.

The spiritual consequences of conceiving an illegitimate child

One of illegitimate birth shall not enter the assembly of the Lord; even to the tenth generation none of his descendants shall enter the assembly of the Lord (Deuteronomy 23:2)

I believe that this text describes one of the greatest wounds of society. We can see the dramatic spiritual consequences of children conceived outside of the marriage covenant, through fornication, adultery, incest, prostitution and rape.

What does this verse really mean by “shall not enter the assembly of the Lord“? First, it is important to state that this verse doesn’t mean that God rejects people who are imprisoned in sins of sexual immorality. God is a father to the orphans. This passage simply reveals that because of extra-marital sex of any type, malignant, spiritual resistance will block and even impede those who practice it from enjoying success in the ministerial and conjugal realm. Families and churches have a strong tendency to marginalize illegitimate children.

And you have forgotten the exhortation which speaks to you as to sons: “My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord, Nor be discouraged when you are rebuked by Him; For whom the Lord loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives.” If you endure chastening, God deals with you as with sons; for what son is there whom a father does not chasten? But if you are without chastening, of which all have become partakers, then you are illegitimate and not sons. (Hebrews 12:5-8)

This passage also reinforces the fundamental characteristic of illegitimate children who often express their frustration with respect to their questionable origins through an aversion to parental and even divine correction and discipline.

Emotional, sexual and homosexual affliction

Every conception of a child involves a sexual relationship, and every sexual relationship involves a blood covenant. A spiritually illegal sexual relationship always implies that the participants place the blood of this covenant on the altar of spirits of immorality. The child conceived in this manner becomes the fruit of a blood covenant established with these entities through their immoral acts. In this way, the child becomes the victim of demonic “persecution” at conception, literally an “intrauterine demonic possession”. This may seem harsh and even strange but the resulting symptoms affirm its truth.

This spiritual persecution has three basic aspects: emotional, sexual and often homosexual. Almost all children born outside of a marriage covenant suffer some type of sexual or homosexual abuse or molestation during their infancy.

Many women experience serious problems in menstruation and childbirth. Another symptom of the curse of an illegitimate child is that early on, these children demonstrate advanced and perverted sexual appetites.

When parents begin to understand what happens to their children born out-of-wedlock they learn to make sense out of their children’s strange and deviant behavior. I have heard of a mother who shared that her three years old child frequently masturbated to the point of becoming totally drenched in sweat. She frequently tried to correct her child, but never saw any results. Obviously, this type of behavior is very abnormal for a child of that age. Such behavior confirms extreme demonic oppression in the child’s life. Many other cases of children practicing lesbianism and manifesting homosexual traits confirm the same scheme of demonic persecution.

Many homosexuals ignoring the history of their conception and other aspects of spiritual heritage believe that they were born gay and that their condition is just something that happens to certain people thus their family, church and society as a whole should be more understanding and accept their condition as a normal yet not very common part of life. The truth is that they can bear a demonic homosexual persecution, which fortunately can be broken by the liberating power of the cross of Christ.

By ignoring the spiritual character of their situation these victims of the enemy end up conforming to the perverted nature of these entities accustoming themselves to live in moral passivity, low self-esteem, inferiority, insecurity, self-hatred, rejection and segregation.

Rejection and isolation

The curse of the illegitimate child can also be expressed as a syndrome of rejection and isolation. The illegitimate child feels alone in the midst of a multitude, regardless of the environment.

Let’s examine the situation from another point of view. When an “unmarried” woman discovers that she is pregnant, is this good or bad news? With few exceptions, we know that this news is tragic and distressful.

Children born outside of the marriage covenant are rarely planned, and for this reason, they end up being strongly rejected in various ways by various people. Their parents conceive them in lust rather than in love. In truth, these innocent children become bad news, the worst problem in their parent’s lives. Instead of treating them as blessings from God, many parents see their illegitimate children as problems, little people who came to bring difficulty and inconvenience into their lives. Many see such children as punishment from God and a shame to the family.

Attempts to hide a pregnancy, thoughts and attempts of abortion, misunderstanding between couples who conceive children outside of marriage, paternal abandonment, rejection by the grandparents, curses spoken over the situation and undesired children – all such traumatic situations invoke a “spirit” of self-rejection and segregation that haunts these people all through their lives, acting like a parasite that sucks the life out of their self-esteem.

Such children grow up with a profound sense of inadequacy. Persecuted by these evil spirits, these children become irritated and rebellious, no longer feeling part of the family. They experience tremendous difficulty in fitting in at the local church and frequently become outsiders at their school. Such children see themselves as inferior and rejected. Insecurity and lack of affection become the center of their emotional life. They feel constant difficulty in adjusting to any environment.

This is where we come to understand the complicated syndrome of street kids and the problems that many parents of adopted children experience. In spite of the fact that many adoptive parents raise their children with love and discipline, many unexplainably present an attitude of rebellion and isolation. They remain under the legacy of their biological parents who, many times, were involved in prostitution, abandonment, abortion attempts, poverty, illegitimate children, rape, etc. Ignoring these hereditary components leads many adoptive parents to a dead-end.

The Bible also mentions the consequences of the hereditary nature of illegitimate children. Therefore people who have children outside of the marriage covenant are often themselves, children of single mothers and simply reproduce their own condition.

Biblically, the legacy of the illegitimate child is capable of extending up to 10 generations (Deuteronomy 23:2) which is the number of generations that this iniquity must be confessed with respect to our lineage. Generational reconciliation between fathers and children either personally or intercessory is the master-key to break this curse.

Chronic difficulty in developing relationships, faithfulness in church attendance and fruitfulness in the church are directly consequences of the curse of the illegitimate child. Certainly, this is the main thing that keeps people from baptism into the body of Christ and the paternal heart of God.

Usually people who demonstrate difficulty with faithful church attendance have a history of someone in the bloodline born out-of-wedlock. When such curses are completely broken through profound reconciliation within the family, the person begins to recover the ability to fit in and begins to feel like a part of the church family.