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Generational curses and hereditary mapping

Discovering generational curses through hereditary mapping

generational curses…For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me… (Exodus 20:5)

An understanding of hereditary mapping is fundamental if we are to put ourselves in the gap/breach adequately for our family through prophetic intercession and repentance through identification. The intercessor that restores the places desolated by past generations needs to investigate the family history.

I want to emphasize that the primary source of spiritual mapping is God. God often reveals things about our family that we do not understand, or when we understand, we do not know what to do about these revelations. Hereditary mapping is one of the primary keys to the deliverance of the family. It is the objective of intercessory confession. This is how vital strongholds concealed by the demons entrenched in the family line are brought to light.

I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the Lord, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel. (Isaiah 45:3)

Through God’s revelation and our research, intercessory confessions break generational curses, touching the chronically ignored root causes.

When the Bible says that the sins of the ancestors visit the sons up to the third and fourth generations, it is tracing the limit of how far back we have to go in mapping out our family line. This makes spiritual mapping very practical. If we had to go all the way back to Adam, we would be facing a humanly impossible task. Since generational family curses have strong symptoms, we only have to research within the past three or four generations because the symptoms of these generational curses will be very evident.

This is a fundamental principle of deliverance, which will help us to identify un-confessed iniquities and sins. Based on this spiritual mapping we can elaborate intelligent confession and effective intercession powerful enough to transform the situation.

Depression is one example. Depression never has a single origin. It is related to a lifestyle marked by extremes of anxiety or laziness, repressed guilt, sexual abuse, disillusionment, suicide attempts, abortion, sins of death, family heritage, etc. all of these things can get tangled up in such a big not that it is difficult to even find the end of the rope to start untangling.

If someone to whom we minister complaints of depression, we may try to find something in their personal life without any success unless we ask about the person’s family including their parents and grandparents. Usually after a while sure signs of the family curse begin to appear. For example, if someone comments that several members of their family have committed suicide, that is a clear indication of a family or generational curse and should be investigated. This could be the point of a demonic exploitation. Suicide and suicide attempts are the greatest confirmation of weakness that a person can manifest. Suicide produces a legacy of depression in their descendants.

People with several cases of suicide in their family and various attempts at suicide among relatives need to discover what caused the people to try to commit suicide. The motive for the suicide is just as relevant as the suicide itself. For instance suppose that there was suicide in the family because of marital betrayal and emotional disillusion.

Suppose the person’s grandmother was betrayed by her husband so she poisoned herself. Then later the same person’s mother was also betrayed by her husband and tried to kill herself in the same way. Now this person may continually have thoughts of suicide because of torment in his emotional life. There was a transfer of behavior that migrated from one generation to the next.

In such cases, the person can assume the position of family intercessor placing him or herself in the gap and pray a prayer of corporate repentance, asking for forgiveness for the suicides, renouncing respective causes, bringing up specific details by the direction of the Holy Spirit, forgiving the marital betrayal and casting the generational curses upon the cross of Christ.

Spiritual mapping allows us to deal with the causes of problems. In this way it is possible to fight the good fight, not the bad one. Strategies such as this in spiritual warfare make the difference between hitting or missing the enemy.